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Kona Bicycles at The Hub Bicycle Company


Kona is one of the original mountain bike companies from the early 90s mountain bike boom. And they are one of the only ones who has never given up their passion of making function-driven off-road machines! Kona has added bikes to their lineup over the years, and has always been an innovator rather than an imitator. See their bikes here: http://www.konaworld.com/bikes.cfm Tweet

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Kona Raijin 29er Titanium Hardtail Frame


Kona’s excellent titanium hardtail frame, the Raijin, moves into its second year of production with this 2013 model. There’s no need to worry though. After all of the time Kona employees spent thrashing prototypes in the Pacific NW and the great owner reviews its gotten around the internet, the 2013 Raijin is the same as the previous batch except for a couple of cosmetic changes.  Black anodized slider dropouts and the retro Kona downtube panel now come stock on this smooth riding, U.S. made, titanium beauty. The Raijin is a bike to own for a while. Race it. Hammer it. … Continue reading

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