Repair Classes


When the riding slows down in the winter, we ramp up our repair classes! We offer three classes:

  • Flat Fix Class:  A weekly class that will get you started on the basics of bike repair. We will cover flat tire repair and make you feel more comfortable going out for a ride knowing that if you get a flat you will be able to handle the situation and get home without calling your significant other for a ride.  This is the most basic of bicycle repairs but also one of the most essential.  You will get more out of the class if you bring you own bike, but you can also use one of ours. 
  • Tune Up Class:  This class will get you a little deeper into the depths of bicycle repair.  We will touch on all the parts that make up a bicycle and cover two of the more asked about systems, the brakes and derailleurs.  We will also learn how to identify other issues that may become bigger problems if they are not taken care of, like how to tell if your headset is loose or needs adjustment.  You are strongly encouraged to bring your own bike, but we will have some here for you to use if needed. 
  • Overhaul Class:  This class will touch on the parts of your bike where the sun don’t shine.  We will get into the head set, bottom bracket and hubs.  These are parts that usually require special tools and know how to work on, but never fear, we have all the tools and know how you’ll need.  We will discuss some of the differences between modern bottom brackets and head sets and why there are so many differences out there.  We will also learn how to take them apart, over haul and re-assemble them.  This class does require you to bring in your own bike and there may be other charges for shop supplies or parts if needed for your bike.

The Flat Fix Class is held every Tuesday night at 7pm, and will run approximately 45 minutes. This class is no charge, and you do not need to sign up in advance … just come on into the shop.

The Tune Up Class and Overhaul Class are held Saturday mornings at 9:30am, and will run approximately 2 hours. Each of these classes costs $15. Please drop in the shop to pay and reserve your spot, or call in and do it over the phone. Here is the class schedule:

  • Dec 3:     Tune Up Class
  • Dec 10:   Overhaul Class
  • Jan 7:     Tune Up Class
  • Jan 14:   Overhaul Class
  • Jan 21:   Tune Up Class
  • Jan 28:  Tune Up Class
  • Feb 4:    Overhaul Class
  • Feb 11:   Tune Up Class
  • Feb 25:   Overhaul Class




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