Repair Classes


When the riding slows down in the winter, we ramp up our repair classes!

We offer three levels:


On-the-road Survival. (Flat Fix)

Learn how to change out a flat tire and never be left stranded waiting for a ride. Fixing a flat tire is the most basic of bicycle repairs but most essential. This class offers hands on experience. You will get more out of the class if you bring you own bike, but you can also use one of ours.

How to keep your bike happy. (Home Maintenance)

This class will cover simple things you can do to take care of your bike(s) at home. We will walk through how to perform a safety check, how to troubleshoot your shift and brake systems, plus a few tips for preventing premature wear (think: save money). This is a beginner’s class so no prior knowledge/experience is required save for a desire to learn more about bicycles. Feel free to bring your bike, otherwise one will be provided.

A La Carte Repair Class. (Advanced Maintenance)

There are too many advanced repair topics to pack in one class, so these sessions are included to be a time that you can request exactly what you want to learn. If you have one task that has always stumped you, or a couple of adjustments that you’d like included, sign up! When you sign up talk to the instructor, Tom, and give him your requests.


The classes are held Saturday mornings at 10:00 am, and will run approximately 1 hour. Reservations are encouraged, as class size it limited, but last-minute walk-ins are welcomed if we have room. Please call or drop by to claim a spot.

Here is the class schedule for winter 2017/2018:

  • Oct 28: Flat Fix
  • Nov 4: Home Maintenance
  • Nov 18: Flat Fix
  • Dec 2: Flat Fix
  • Dec 9: Home Maintenance
  • Jan 6: Flat Fix
  • Jan 13: Home Maintenance
  • Jan 20: Advanced Maintenance
  • Feb 3: Flat Fix
  • Feb 10: Home Maintenance
  • Feb 17: Advanced Maintenance
  • Feb 24: Flat Fix

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