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The Co-Motion Corretto is an model that is exclusive to The Hub. We designed it in-house to fill a need we couldn’t satisfy with mass-produced bikes.

The Corretto is specifically designed to maximize comfort. The frame is Reynolds 853 steel, which delivers a more natural feeling shock absorption than even carbon fiber can. Your Corretto frame will be made by hand in Oregon by Co-Motion. You can choose from more than 20 beautiful paint colors, so your bike will be unique to you!

The geometry (or shape) of the frame is designed so that your handlebar can be level with your saddle or higher, without using short/steep stems or extenders. Sitting more upright shouldn’t come with the penalty of poor handling! The Corretto can have a comfortable riding position while still using the stem and handlebar proportional to the frame size.

You can get a Co-Motion Corretto as a frameset alone, with our recommended parts package, or with a component group of your choice. The Corretto gives you “custom bike comfort” without the extra expense!

Co-Motion Corretto with Rival and a Cool Fade Paintjob


Here’s a new Co-Motion Corretto with a black/red/yellow fade paintjob. It will do double duty as a commuter bike and a road machine for racking up training miles. The Corretto frames are a exclusive design by The Hub, and are built of Reynolds 853 tubing. This Corretto was built with our standard SRAM Rival package, using a compact (50/34 tooth) crankset, FSA cockpit parts, and Shimano RS-10 wheels. Correttos are uniquely comfortable, and a great value for a US-made bike. Tweet

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