Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel Steel, Ultegra Di2 and Tubeless

Independent Fabrications-Di2-Crown Jewel1.1This one has a special place in my heart … A steel Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel. A frame with century-old materials matched with some awesome technology in the parts. You can’t beat a top level steel machine like this for ride quality.

Independent Fabrications-Di2-Crown Jewel1.3The Ultegra Di2 works flawlessly … even the push-button front shifting … and never needs adjustment. These American Classic wheels are some of the lightest, and they can be used as tubeless as well. Tubeless tires will give you improvement in comfort and efficiency … both good things.

Independent Fabrications-Di2-Crown Jewel1.2A seatpost mounted Di2 battery keeps everything looking clean. Color-matched 3T parts help complete the look!

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