Scott Foil 30. Nice views of their SRAM Rival equipped model

Foil 30 2 The Scott Foil is one of the growing number of bikes in the Aero Road category. They are perfect for improving your battle against the wind! The times you’d love a Foil are riding into a headwind, a long solo ride, or when on a breakaway in a race. The aero-shaped tubing makes for a great frame for  stronger rider, or someone who loves a good sprint.

Foil 30 5The aerodynamic advantages come from the use of  “Kamm Tail” shaped tubing. The tubing has an aerodynamic leading edge, and directs the airflow in such a way as it leaves the tube that it acts like there is a much longer tail to the shape. This “virtual tail” allows a tube that has more or less normal width to be very aerodynamic.

Foil 30 4Wherever you see black paint on the trailing edge of the tubes on this Scott Foil is where the “virtual tail” effect is taking place.

Foil 30 3It’s rare to see a bike in recent years that has this much color in the paint job. The yellow looks good, and is different than all the other “carbon black” bikes.




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