2014 Giant Anyroad 2, new endurance-road design

Anyroad2 1Presenting the new 2014 Giant Anyroad 2. The Anyroad bikes use a brand new frame for Giant. The point of the new design is to combine the comfortable riding position of an endurance-road bike with the wider tire capability of a cyclocross bike.

Anyroad2 2Giant is at the forefront of modern aluminum shaping, and this new frame is a great example of how smoothly contoured aluminum frames can be.

Anyroad2 3Here are a couple more shots showing the beautiful frame construction. Notice that Giant have added an internal seatpost binder.

Anyroad2 4Another interesting part on the Anyroad models is the second set of brake levers. This style of lever has been available for years, but this Anyroad set is shaped differently than others. The point of the shape is to allow braking from any hand position on the bars.

Anyroad2 5Any modern endurance-road bike should have wide-range gearing like the Anyroad has, and the use of disc brakes only heightens this bike’s versatility.

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