Devin’s Report, San Dimas Stage Race, San Dimas, CA, 3/27/14


The San Dimas Stage Race was an eye-opener.  It consisted of 3 events: a 4 mile uphill TT, a shortened 84 mile circuit race which ended up being 70 miles since they had to check the dam for earthquake damage, and a pretty straight forward 6 corner criterium.

The four mile TT was rough, as I would say that my personal strength and body type are not suited to uphills or time trials.  My teammate Chad Hartley beat me by one tenth of a second which he was sure to tell me.  Based on his power data, and using my power to weight ratios I would have produced around 355 to 360 watts for nearly 20 minutes (that’s good for me but not good enough to break into the top 100).  On the other hand, according to (the stage winner) Matt Cooke’s Strava data, he rode at 6.8 watts per kilo of bodyweight.  That means that I would need to produce 490 watts to get a time to win.  This is all armchair quarterbacking with power numbers, but I think I’m not meant to uphill TT, nonetheless.

The next day was the circuit race, and since we didn’t have team member in GC contention, we rode for the stage win.  Really, I rode for survival and Holloway, Hartley, Canevari and Dalheim rode for the stage win.   Hartley led out Holloway for the bunch sprint and he won the bunch for 13th.  Barrett, Parkman (guest rider) and I just tried to make the time cut after we dropped on the early laps due to the brutal 3 minute climb every lap.

Barrett and I didn’t make time cut on the Circuit Race.  We did finish the race even though the officials messed up scoring in a number of ways not really worth protesting.  That meant no criterium race for me on the third day, but I did get to watch Dan Holloway demolish the field sprint for the win.  Now for Redlands!


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