Road Disc Wheelset, Industry Nine with HED Belgium Plus

Indusrty Nine & Belgium Plus 1Building custom wheels is a great way to get a durable set that perfectly fits your checklist of needs. All the component of the wheels are chosen individually, so you can vary things like the number of spokes, style of hub, and strength of rim to make it suit your riding style.

Indusrty Nine & Belgium Plus 2This set of wheels was particularly cool, so we thought we’d feature it today. The rims are HED Belgium Plus, which are the coolest looking rims available, as well as being able to be used tubeless. They are also built in the new 25mm width that hold your 23mm tire in a wider shape that allows lower pressure and a softer ride. These Industry Nine Torch Hubs are light and disc compatible, exactly what you’d want for the Road Disc bikes that will begin to be available more readily in 2015. Sapim CX-Ray spokes are a good choice for their reliability … each spoke is examined for defects with an X-Ray!

Indusrty Nine & Belgium Plus 3These wheels will be used as tubeless, so they had the valves and sealing tape installed after being built up. A lacing pattern like this (called “3 cross”) is best when using disc brakes.


Indusrty Nine & Belgium Plus 4This set of wheels would be right at home on a road or cyclocross bike, and could be used with tubes, or converted to tubeless use easily.

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