Cannonball/Hub Tour of St. Louis

Congratulations to Kate Hrubes, Steph Nadeau, Jen Schook, Jay Cogan, Phil Nadeau, Molly Brady, Alice Butler, Dave Smith, Tom Petty, Andrew Petty, Leo Smith, Phil Wehrman, Marty Levine, Rock Wamsley, Chris Miller, and Bill Howells for making it out last weekend for the Tour of St. Louis. It was a cold start to our season and the wind certainly didn’t help the plans for soloing to victory. Though, despite the conditions Kate did just this and who won her TT. Nicely done.

And, for those of you who missed the weekend action, here’s our top 10 finishers, Jen Schook, Molly Brady, Alice Butler, Leo Smith, and Marty Levine. Special shout out to Kate Hrubes who came in 1st in her TT. The women’s team seemed to have done quite well.

Good luck to those of you who plan to race the Lost Valley Luau this weekend.

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