Kona Raijin 29er Titanium Hardtail Frame

Kona-Raijin1.1Kona’s excellent titanium hardtail frame, the Raijin, moves into its second year of production with this 2013 model. There’s no need to worry though. After all of the time Kona employees spent thrashing prototypes in the Pacific NW and the great owner reviews its gotten around the internet, the 2013 Raijin is the same as the previous batch except for a couple of cosmetic changes.  Black anodized slider dropouts and the retro Kona downtube panel now come stock on this smooth riding, U.S. made, titanium beauty.


The Raijin is a bike to own for a while. Race it. Hammer it. Just get out and ride it. The Raijin can take it. The 44mm headtube accepts both straight and tapered forks. Guides for full length housing will keep the bike shifting crisply for a long time, and the Pressfit 30 bottom bracket lets you run almost any modern crankset.

Kona-Raijin1.3 Those same guides also keep the bike looking clean if you choose to run the Raijin as a singlespeed. Both geared and singlespeed slider droputs come with the frame giving you the choice right out of the box.

Speaking of those sliders, that feature allows the Raijin to rock a chainstay length from a shorter 16.7″ to a more common 17.3″. That shorter back end keeps the Raijin feeling nimble while the front end stiffness and geometry feels great ripping the downhills. Whether you want to race it hard or spend the day pushing your own limits out in the woods, Kona has found an excellent balance in the Raijin. In a ever dividing world of mountain bike styles and genres, the Kona Raijin can be that one bike. Your one bike.

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