Family Cycling at The Hub Bicycle Company


Being located in an excellent neighborhood for cycling, and having the Grant’s Trail within riding distance, has made us at The Hub experts at equipping families to ride together.  We have lots of choices for a pavement or trail bike for the parents. One of our best selling models is the comfortable and versatile Giant Cypress.

Burley-Rhode-Gear-Taxi-Trail-a-BikeWe have all the gadgetry that lets you bring along the young kids: folding trailers for infants, rear child seats for young toddlers, and trail-a-bikes for older toddlers.

Strider-animator-gloss-revel-JrAs they grow, we can outfit them with bikes to keep their enthusiasm alive. The Hub is located a block away from a grade school, so we get plenty of practice sizing kids on bikes to ensure a safe ride and plenty of growing room.

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