Co-Motion NorWester, with Custom SRAM Apex Parts Kit

Co-Motion-Norwester1.1One of Co-Motion’s specialties is steel framed touring bikes, and this NorWester is a great example. The NorWester has a lightweight frame, perfect for long distance riding with minimal baggage. It is svelte enough to be a nimble daily rider, but still stronger than your average road bike, so it can handle a set of panniers. For fully-loaded touring, look at Co-Motion’s Americano or Pangea.

Co-Motion-Norwester1.2Co-Motion does have excellent parts packages that they suggest for their models, but they aren’t the only ways to build their bikes. On this NorWester, we chose to build it with a custom batch of SRAM parts, specifically a mix of Apex and Rival. This let us put on a double chainring drivetrain with an ultra-low 32 tooth cassette. It is a great batch of parts, and costs $1000 less than the stock parts package!


This bike has a Rival crankset, which has hollow arms, American Classic seatpost, and nice wide Velocity A23 rims.

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