Co-Motion NorWester, black 105 on black frame


Here is a Co-Motion NorWester we recently built up for a customer. This is a frameset we have had in the shop for a few years, and it is made a bit differently than current 2013 Norwesters. Just the right rider came in looking for a tough commute bike, and we were able to make an attractive deal to get him on the US-made NorWester! It turned out looking great, with black Shimano 105 parts on a black frame, and the right amount of silver here and there.


The Shimano XT mountain bike derailler is on this bike to allow the use of a cassette with a low hill-climbing 32 tooth cog. If you pair that kind of cassette with a 50 and 34 tooth compact double chainring like this bike has, you get even lower gearing than a traditional triple chainring bike had! This gives the reliable shifting of a double chainring with the versatile gearing of a triple.


The owner of this NorWester opted for black Brooks saddle and handlebar tape. This leather Brooks stuff wears like iron, and matches this bike perfectly!

“Thanks” to Mike for buying this beauty!

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